Online Parent Trainings

Below is the first of a three-part series designed to address the behavioral needs of our families who are accessing instruction using a distant learning or hybrid platform. Each monthly topic of this three-part series will build on the other to assist parents in building a toolbox to navigate the additional stressors and behaviors that can arise while receiving instruction remotely. This series will be presented by Ben Rodriguez, Autism Coordinator for the Greater Anaheim SELPA.


Video One: How Technology, Organization, and Structure affect Behavior

As we have learned to navigate educational platforms such as google classroom and zoom lessons, our skill sets online are becoming more proficient. Although we have become more accustomed as to how to log on and problem solve "technology" issues, we are left with other variables that impact our students ability to access the instruction...behavior. In this training, we will talk through what may be your current learning environment and offer suggestions for small changes that can have a positive impact on the stress level in your home. 


Coming in April

Video Two: Reinforcement, Motivation, and Contingencies. Ways to reduce problem behaviors using these systems in a practical and effective manner.

As the novelty of online instruction may have faded, we are continuing to try and keep our children at their desks and attentive to the instruction. While doing this, we are competing with the comforts of home, distractions all around, and the temptation to do anything but school work. We will discuss the process for building systems that increase "buy in" and grit to stay on track to assist with reducing problem behaviors that may arise from these circumstances.


Coming in May

Video Three: When behaviors escalate. Strategies and practices that can help to reduce or assist in the de-escalation of problem behaviors when they occur. 

Sometimes, we think we have everything in place...and then something goes wrong. We are suddenly faced with an escalating situation that needs to be addressed immediately. In this training, we will review processes that can help parents approach this situation effectively. They will learn de-escalation techniques to bring all parties back to baseline and minimize any potential crisis. 




Upcoming Parent Workshops

Please click below to find each flyer for our upcoming workshops for parents.

Introduction to Special Education-3/9/21

Supporting Your Child During Times of Crisis-4/6/21 

Supporting Your Child During Times of Crisis (Spanish)-4/6/21

Youth Suicide Awareness-4/27/21

Youth Suicide Awareness (Spanish)-4/27/21