What is the Community Advisory Committee (CAC)?

As a parent of a child in a special education program or as an interested member of the community you should know that there is a group of parents like yourself, along with educators and community representatives, who meet regularly during the school year. They review programs and procedures and make suggestions for parent information and support. This is your local Community Advisory Committee (CAC.)

The Community Advisory Committee may be composed of:

  • Parents of Children with disabilities enrolled in public or
  • private non-sectarian schools:
  • Parents of other pupils enrolled in school
  • Students with disabilities enrolled in special education programs
  • Special Education Teachers, Support Staff or Administrators
  • General Education Teachers
  • Other school personnel
  • Representatives of other public and private agencies I organizations concerned with the needs of students with disabilities.

The primary purpose of the Committee is to facilitate communication and understanding, leading to improved special education programs and related services, and to assist in the development of the Local Plan for Special Education which is submitted to the State Department of Education for approval. Other responsibilities include:

  • Advising the administration of the SELPA regarding the development and review of programs and services.
  • Parents of other pupils enrolled in school
  • Informing and advising SELPA staff regarding community conditions, aspirations and goals for disabled students.
  • Making recommendations and suggestions for annual priorities to be addressed.
  • Supporting activities on behalf of students with disabilities.
  • Facilitating communication between schools, parents, and community.

We work together to develop home and school partnerships to promote success for your child in school through parent education.

Community Advisory Committee Calendar 2022-23