Board Meeting Highlights

April 18, 2018

Item 7(a-b): The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) Recognition Awards and Reception were held.

Item 9(c): Board Members were provided with copies of the agendas for the April 2018 State SELPA meetings. Board Members were also provided with copies of the April 2018 State SELPA Committee Summaries.

Item 9(d): Board Members discussed the proposed Special Education funding levels for 2018-19.

Item 9(e)(1): Board Members reviewed a Fact Sheet prepared by the Coalition for Adequate Funding for Special Education regarding AB 3136 (O’Donnell) – Special Education Finance Reform.

Item 9(e)(2): Board Members were provided information regarding “SELPA Equity, Preschool and Significant Disability Funding Increases”, which outlines the potential funding increases should AB 3136 pass.

Item 9(d)(3): Board Members reviewed a letter that had been sent on behalf of the Greater Anaheim SELPA in support of AB 3136 which was heard at the Assembly Education Committee Hearing on April 11, 2018.

Item 9(d)(4): Board Members reviewed the School Services of California/Coalition for Adequate Funding for Special Education – Legislative Report dated March 29, 2018.

Item 9(f): Board Members discussed the CAC Recognition Awards ceremony that had been held that evening.

Item 9(g): Board Members reviewed a listing of the Trainings/Staff Developments that were conducted by GASELPA staff members during the month of March 2018.

Item 10(a): Board Members were provided a brief update on the trainings/activities that have and/or will occur under the 2017-18 Alternative Dispute Resolution Grant the SELPA has received.

Item 10(b): Board Members discussed the Executive Director’s annual review process.

Item 10(c): Board Members discussed the Outstanding Service to Students with Special Needs Award that will be awarded during the June 27, 2018 GASELPA Board Meeting.

Item 11(a-f): Board Members took action on warrants, personnel items and contracts.